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We have been working on a very exciting project over the lockdown period. You can see the results at www.AlwaysChoose.com

You may have been aware that I took a sabbatical in 2018 to take some time to consolidate some of the developments in my work. What was planned for as a 6 months break ended up being 2 years of time mostly away from client work (except for those who twisted my arm firmly enough over that time!). It was a time that I spent writing and creating and letting new ideas and ways of working take shape. I decided to close my Harley Street practice during this time and let this new way really be created afresh. I also got re-married during this time so if you are confused about the name, I am now using my married name of Kirsty Macdonald. You can find out more about my husband, Jon Macdonald on the AlwaysChoose.com new website. He’s an incredible teacher, meditation expert and coach also..!

This was already a highly transformational and creative time, and then of course Covid-19 came upon the world. What a strange thing this has been. But what it provided for us was an opportunity to really shape a new creation. What was birthed was an approach to living that we created from our body of work and teachings to this point. www.AlwaysChoose.com was launched back in the summer and has been received in an incredible way by existing clients and so many people new to us.

New Client Bookings
I am now offering client work again and we are uploading a heap of free to access resources to the new website each week. Do have a look and let us know what resonates with you. We also have online courses and teaching that you can drop into. If you subscribe to the mailing list either here or there we can keep you updated.

If you have any questions do drop me a line on kirsty@AlwaysChoose.com or via the contact form here.

Warmest wishes,