How Cognitive Hypnotherapy Can Help You

Cognitive Hypnotherapy – and your wonderful life.

When may people think of hypnotherapy their mind goes straight to the stage hypnotist swinging a watch, but modern approaches to hypnotherapy couldn’t be more different. You can read endless stories in the press of celebrities like Matt Damon, Geri Halliwell, David Beckham, Lily Allen and tons of others who have turned to the use of hypnosis as a powerful modality of change. Cognitive Hypnotherapy takes a great therapy to a powerful new level.

The Cognitive Hypnotherapist’s approach differs significantly from more traditional schools of hypnotherapy. We incorporate recent ideas and discoveries from positive Psychology, Cognitive Theory, NLP and Evolutionary Psychology and incorporate them into a modern idea of hypnosis to create a highly successful, flexible therapeutic approach, very specifically tailored to the needs of each individual client.

Your 90% unconscious.

Research shows that our unconscious mind is responsible for around 90% of your experience. Horrendously for most intelligent, logical people who like to believe that they are in control, that means that your conscious mind is only able to affect 10% of what you do. This is why it can be so hard to achieve what you want to sometimes. Have you ever had the experience of feeling like you ‘should’ be able to do it?  It’s time to get your unconscious mind on board.

What is a trance state?

You may not yet been aware of this, but we drift in and out of trance states all day long. Have you ever been so absorbed in a book that you temporarily check out of what’s happening around you, or sometimes get to your destination when you’re driving a car and were so lost in thought on the journey that you almost weren’t present? The greater part of a hypnotherapists job is to unlock the negative trance states that you find yourself in – eating, stress and anxiety, limiting patterns of behaviour and belief systems, unwanted habits etc, and create more positive, helpful ones. To do this we utilise the different trance states, language patterns and other ‘tools’ that all work on your unconscious mind.

It sounds interesting doesn’t it? So what can it help with?

Really, the list is pretty endless. There is currently a research project underway which is showing in it’s early results that Cognitive Hypnotherapy can have truly incredible results around anxiety and depression, but it is also effective in treating performance and confidence issues, addictions, letting go of beliefs that hold you back, stress, pregnancy, weight-loss, habits that get in the way of the person you’d like to be, fears, phobias… I am also a coach and I use it to help people achieve more of the positive things too. Finding out who they want to be in the world, what they can achieve more of, being the best versions of themselves that they can be once they’ve let go of their ‘stuff’.

And what can you expect in a typical session?

When I see my clients I always suggest a preliminary assessment session. This is usually 90 minutes long and is a great opportunity for potential clients to come in and meet me, for us to dive into exactly what is going on in your life, and for you to get a direct experience of what it is to work with me. Following that I create a bespoke treatment plan for every individual to get to the heart of what it is you want to work on and we take it from there.

Typically a Cognitive Hypnotherapist will be listening out to how they can move you from where you are to where you want to be in the swiftest time-frame. Everything that is talked about is with the purpose of transforming where you are at and with the intention of using it for any number of powerful techniques that will move you through and forward. We may ask you to close your eyes, or we may not. Like I said earlier, trance is an everyday state. Either way, you are always in control. It is you doing the ‘work’, I am merely your guide.

To find out more about how Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you to transform your life please feel free to watch my talk for TEDx –  and this lovely little animation explaining more –

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Wishing you freedom from all the things that hold you back, leading to a more inspired and inspiring life.