Achieving the best in your sport and in life

What can we learn from the Olympic season of sport?

I’ve a new blog on the Huffington Post this week looking at what it take for sports people to be the best at their game, and what we can learn from watching them the London 2012 Olympic?athletes.

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Achieving the best in your sport and in life










And it doesn’t just apply to athletes. Why not have a think about how being in the right ‘zone’ could help you perform better in your life?

Whilst watching Euro 2012 and Wimbledon it has often been quite obvious how certain competitors turn on just what they need to to achieve the edge and also how many have not managed to. ?Often you can see it in their?physicality, or something in their face gives it away. Sometimes they can be mid event and their belief in what they can achieve just takes a nose-dive. There is lots that can be done to support them, and most teams have therapists to work towards this. During the Olympics see if you can notice what might make the difference to the competitors you are watching.

If you want help getting rid of underlying beliefs about what you can or can’t achieve, why not give me a call or drop me a line here. Perhaps it’s time to let go of whatever has been holding you back.