UN International Day of Happiness

This morning, BBC Breakfast reported on the first UN International Day of Happiness. You can see some of the report here:?http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-21855292

Human Smiley FaceIt might sounds like a frivolous concept for the UN to be reporting on when nations are worn torn or collapsing?under financial debt. However to the individual?experiencing?unhappiness, feeling happy, or not, is an?incredibly?important and defining thing.

As the As Nic?Marks?states in his Health and Wellbeing column in today’s Guardian Newspaper Online “It is a serious issue for our communities ? unhappiness is a breeding ground for social discontent with a resultant vicious cycle of crime, conflict and insecurity.

And it is a serious issue for businesses ? unhappy workplaces are less productive, have higher levels of sickness absence, are less innovative as well as less fun. Ultimately they are at risk of not being able to adapt in a fast changing world.”

If you were able to measure your levels of happiness how would you score? Do you have a sense that low levels of happiness might be affecting your achievement or relationships?

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy I often help clients to boost their happiness measure. Often it can be as simple as guiding your unconscious mind towards focussing on the opportunities around you, or reducing stress levels that in turn leave more energy for enjoying life. For others letting go of issues such as insomnia or a fear or phobia can shift perspective leading to a significant increase in happiness levels.

As a start, think of three things that you could do today to boost your feelings of wellbeing. This could be kindness to yourself, or to others, enjoying being completely in the moment with someone or something you love, or perhaps taking some exercise for no other reason than to enjoy the endorphin rush that it brings.

If you’re reading this on the UN International Day of Happiness, or on another day, why not give happiness a go and let me know how you get on.