The magic of creating connection

Anyone who was at the Created Success workshop that I ran with my friend and colleague Rachel Moore a few weeks ago will be familiar with how to deepen connection with your fellow human being and to yourself, but many people that I meet and work with have never played with how that is possible.

We often don’t take time to really ‘be’ with others. Yes, we are amongst people all the time, but how often do you stop and deeply connect. In my experience with clients, most relationships even manage to bump along without each partner taking time to really ‘see’ the other.

But we all crave that connection. it creates a sense of the life-force within us. This film beautifully shows the deep impact that just one minute of really being present with another person can have.



The thing is, when we create connection – to ourselves and to others – so much more opens up in us. I work with this with my clients and I see a huge difference in what a person achieves in the world as a result. Relationships deepen and strengthen, your relationship to your body and health can change, business success can grow, finances can become so much more healthy – body and mind responding to the ability to be seen, not to hide away and to feel accepted for who you truly are.

If any of this resonates with you and you are interested in having a conversation about how we might be able to work together just send me a message via the Contact Me page. I’ll look forward to connecting with you.