Lucy, London

Kirsty was recommended to me by a friend who had lost an incredible amount of weight through her therapy. ?After just one session to try and help me stop biting and picking my nails, a habit I have had for 40 years, I actually stopped and had no desire or inclination to put my fingers … Continue reading Lucy, London

T.F. London

The sessions with you really opened my eyes to what I need and actually really want in my life so I am currently exploring a total change in direction, watch this space!

AK, Actor, UK

Just woke up from a sleep following our session and the pain has gone by 70%.


I found the treatment very helpful. The sessions changed my sleep patterns and gave me added confidence in my performing work.

Susan, London

I feel quite emotional writing this, it is nearly three years ago since I had that first session, and it has been the most transformative thing I have ever done.? I am a Cognitive Hypnotherapy evangelist.

Anonymous, London

Having Cognitive Hypnotherapy has changed my life and my relationships, I?m sure it has helped to save my marriage, and has definitely made me a far better and happier parent.? It has also helped me to formulate my future career plans.

B.G. London

Being completely new to hypnotherapy, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect and was at first a little apprehensive. I was put at ease straight away and the sessions helped me make sense of difficult life experiences allowing me to recall memories without a strong emotional connection. I hadn’t realised how entwined all these past … Continue reading B.G. London

S.T. North London

Going to the weight escape has given me the willpower? to take control of my own health and weight.?I can honestly say that Sam and Kirsty?have changed the way I think about food?and I have been amazed at how easy it has been to lose weight.?I now feel I am a better role?model for my … Continue reading S.T. North London

Sally-Ann, London

I went to see Kirsty before the birth of my second child as I wanted to see if she could help me relax, and also build my confidence after a very long and tricky labour with my first child. ?I warmed to her the moment I met her, and with her help I was able … Continue reading Sally-Ann, London

Anne-Marie, North London

I actually went into labour the very same evening after seeing you.?Amazingly, the birth pretty much had all the elements of the labour I had?envisaged during the session; I even snoozed a bit (which seemed like a?ridiculous thing to hope for). I was delighted with how it all turned out?and I think the hypnotherapy was … Continue reading Anne-Marie, North London