Stage Fright – Keira Knightly and You?

Did you know that Stage fright is as common among the general public as it is among people in the public eye?

It was reported in the press this week that Keira Knightly suffers from stage fright (see here for the piece in the Express Newspaper). You might wonder how someone who’s job it is to perform manages, but how about the people who have to regularly give presentations at work, or those who find walking into a room full of people or the thought of getting married and walking down the aisle, excruciating?

It needn’t be the case as Hypnotherapy can really make a difference. Stage fright can be the unconscious mind just simply deciding that the situation you are in is a ‘dangerous’ one and invoking the fight or flight response that we know so much about. This response may perhaps then prevent you from performing and confirms to your mind that creating this fear and panic is useful as it helps to keep you away from that difficult situation. Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help to break this cycle and allow you to become able to function just as you need to. Clients of mine become able to perform at work, in their personal lives, or in front of an audience of several thousand, or more.

As well as actors like Keira Knightly, I see many other kinds of performers and creatives – singers, dancers, musicians, directors – as well as others from other walks of life. Perhaps people just like you who want to become free of something that has been holding them back.

Why not get in contact to see how you can be helped, either at my Harley Street clinic or via Skype. What else might become possible for you when you are free to speak, interact and perform as you would like?