More Good News Please?

I have just?been listening to the radio for the past hour and to be honest, I feel a bit low. I’ve ?been trying to think what is wrong and it’s just come to me. I have heard nothing but bad news, rumbling on as a soundtrack to the other things I’ve been getting on with. And I’m not used to it. I don’t like it ?and (stomp my foot!), I want it to change.

The difference? Well obviously it’s no Olympics, no Paralympics, no Jubilee. All of a sudden journalists everywhere have been getting back to the daily grind of reporting on an inquest here, a terrorist attack there, children being horribly murdered and maimed all around the world, political unrest, etc, etc, ?We have sadly?returned to life as we know it (or as it’s presented to us, because I’m pretty sure, no I’m positive, that overall it’s not that bad!).

I am aware that this is a rather idealistic view, but lets think for a moment. Does it actually help us to know all this bad stuff that’s going on in the world? Does knowing small amounts about lots of grizzly stuff make the chances of it not happening any less? I’m really not sure it does. I think, to a great extent, we’ve become immune to it. Anyway, who decided that most of every news bulliten should be filled with entirely depressing content that, over time?would bring even the happiest person to a state of glumness?

In my work as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist I see so many people in states of acute anxiety, depression and stress. One of the things that really makes a difference (and?research has widely shown this)?is getting the unconscious mind to focus on the positives around us. The more we are able to do this, the better we feel. ?It sounds simple doesn’t it? But?unfortunately?we live in a society that greatly prefers it to be the other way around.

Now I really like the BBC and especially Radio 4, but here’s a message to Mr D.G. and all those management types who have arrived at this negative way of filling our living rooms and therefore our heads: We don’t need it. ?We feel better knowing about the good stuff of life. ?There’s loads of news to be found there too you know, you just don’t report it.

I’ve just spent a while looking online at the front pages of the UK’s major newspapers and I have struggled to find much at all in the way of happiness at all. However, did you know that this week a gorgeous new monkey species was found in the Congo? (super cute – have a look for yourself -?

There, doesn’t that feel better?

Rant over. ?I thank you.