Martin Scorsese and Addiction

Martin Scorsese and Addiction

So many people suffer from addiction of different kinds. Whether it be prescription meds or illegal drugs, alcohol, sex, food, shopping… If you find yourself a slave to something that you can’t easily put down and it’s having a negative impact on your life and on your health, you may be an addict of some kind. But if you are, you probably already have a sense of that already, don’t you?

This article linked below on Martin Scorsese and addiction is a case in point of how a successful person can find themselves a slave to a substance and how you can move through the addiction mindset to create incredible things in the world.

One of the afflictions of the addicted is often the secretive nature of the behaviour or habit. For years people can hide what is going on from friends and loved ones, often until things get so out of hand and life so unmanageable, that it becomes impossible to conceal any longer.

Martin Scorsese and AddictionThe addiction mindset thrives on disconnection, so when I see articles written about public figures who are or have suffered I am always glad. Having that public awareness can lead to open discussion and having open discussion can save lives. This one about Martin Scorsese tells of his decent after making a particularly stressful movie. It sounds as though he had a rock bottom moment there that caused him to get the help he needed – often the defining freedom moment in any addicts life.

I work with clients using Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching to go deep into what creates the addiction mindset in the first place, releasing those things as we go. Then we work together to transform the behaviours that have been holding you back. This may not be as painful or difficult as you might imagine. Those patterns of using have been established to keep your mind doing what it knows best – keeping you feeling good and ultimately keeping you going despite all the things that have happened to you. When we work to create different and more positive patterns, the addictive behaviours are no longer necessary. Wouldn’t that be good?  To be free of the things that have been getting in the way of your being able to live a truly enjoyable, fulfilling life.

Martin Scorsese has gone on to decades of incredible creative creation. What, I wonder might you do when you’re free?

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And if you know of someone who might benefit from hearing a bit about this why not share it with them? Sometimes it’s in that connection with another that positive difference occurs and lives become saved.