Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching at the Light Centre, Monument

New – Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching at the Light Centre, Monument.
Light Centre Monument

Transformational Inspiring Lives Coaching
Cognitive Hypnotherapy

From Spring 2017 I shall be seeing clients at the new Light Centre, Monument – right in the City of London. It’s a wonderful new space hosting yoga studios, an ambient meditation studio, talking and body therapies, a raw food cafe and juice bar and all kinds of workshops and courses. If you are nearby, it’s a wonderful place to come, sit and relax.

I was instantly taken by the space and how well it fits with a transformational experience. It’s light, airy and open – all the things that we need to begin to see life differently. I hope you feel that too. I will be working with all kinds of people – perhaps just like you – who feel that more and different is possible when they are able to let go of the things that hold them back and experience the insights that open up possibility in a new way.


The centre is conveniently located in the City of London and is well served by public transport.

36 St Mary at Hill, London EC3R 8DU

Light Centre Monument

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