Life Coaching

Life Coaching in London with Kirsty Hanly

Coaching with Cognitive Hypnotherapy
Are you achieving your fullest potential? Do you feel inspired by life? Are you earning your dream salary? How are your relationships? Do you have a deep inner confidence in who you are and what you do? Do you have secret dreams that you’d like to realise? Or perhaps you would like to find more of your purpose in life?


This is Life Coaching with a difference.

Life Coaching has helped many people to have a deeply transformational experience, allowing them to reach their highest potential, increasing their emotional and financial prosperity.

The coaching clients I choose to work with are those who perhaps feel stuck in some way and want help moving on in their life. Also people who are already high achieving but would like to be more successful in who they are and what they do. Perhaps that sounds like you?

Finding Your Flow

If we choose to work together I will help you to break through any underlying negative beliefs that may be holding you back, engage you in exploring your deep dreams – the things that until now you might not have even admitted to yourself, help you find your flow, and guide you in the direction of a more meaningful, successful life. Unlike many other coaches I use the tools from Cognitive Hypnotherapy to help to move you forward, freeing you from those things which until now have been holding you back and engaging you in a deep inner confidence.

This kind of life coaching isn’t for everyone. It requires a fearless commitment to yourself, your life and your dreams and requires a considerable investment in yourself.

Together we will create an agreement to work together for a time that we both agree to be right. Some life coaching clients choose to work face-to-face and some via skype – often a mixture of the two works well, however geography isn’t a barrier to us working together. Together we can create the conditions for you to experience the best from your life.

When you are ready, contact me here and we will schedule the conversation that could make all the difference to your life.