How good are you at letting go?

Letting go

So how good are you at letting go?

Letting go is not always easy. Stress, anxiety and many other negative experiences are often caused by our minds trying to take control over things that seem out of control in some way. In reality, most of us spend a whole heap of energy in trying to control what we actually have very little control over. Often people hold on to what would actually serve them to let go of and don’t let in the gifts that life is trying to give.

Just for today, see if you can find a flow that means you can hand over your experience a little more than you normally would – and trust that what you need will come. Breathe more deeply. Feel more fully. How would it be to open to the possibility that life will deliver a gift to you today? If you were to be open to receiving it, what would you be noticing differently?

Just for today – make a priority of letting go of what you no longer need to have present in order to be in life more fully.

Let what wants to come, come and let what wants to go, go.

How good are you at letting go?