Public Speaking and Presenting Skillfully

Would you like help with Public Speaking and Presenting Skillfully?

Some of you will know a little of my journey using Cognitive Hypnotherapy to help with presenting and public speaking…










In 2014 I gave a TEDx talk after having been unable to speak in front of people for my entire adult life to that point. It was a powerful journey for me and one that means if you struggle with public speaking or presenting skillfully, I really understand how things are for you and also how powerful Cognitive Hypnotherapy can be as a modality for change in this area. You can see my talk ‘The Magical Power of Fear’ here.



Cognitive Hypnotherapy gets right to the heart of what is holding you back, releases those unhelpful unconscious responses and frees you to even enjoy speaking and presenting in front of an audience. If you struggle in this area do get in touch. We can have a free initial telephone conversation where we can explore how things are for you and how you would like them to be. I have helped hundreds of people over the years, become free of those things that hold them back to become a world-class at public speaking or presenting.

And if you are already someone who gives successful talks and presentations but would like to fine-tune what you do, I also coach people in this area. Successful sports people don’t have coaches because they need them to become good at what they do, they have them to become truly excellent. Let’s talk abut what that would look like to you.

Get in touch via my Contact Me page and we can schedule a conversation where we can discover the possibilities for how you can become the incredible speaker you’ve dreamt you can be.