Transformational Life Coaching

Do you ever have a feeling that you could live your life differently – that you could connect more to the possibilities in life?

Perhaps you would like to make a change in your work/life balance but don’t quite know how to start? Are you a high achiever who feels there is more still to come? Do you have a big project that you’d like to find more direction with? Perhaps you have taken some time out of the workplace to have children or for a career break and would like help finding a new direction.

Transformational?Life Coaching could be the answer.

I am both a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Transformational Life Coach – a great combination as a way to allow your mind to unlock your potential in life.

Most life coaching is based on setting goals and motivating people to achieve them, which is a fabulous aim, but if our unconscious doesn?t think the direction we?re going in is a good idea then the chances are you’ll feel held back in some way. With my clients I go way deeper – to what drives and motivates you. What it is about life that can inspire, ignite your passion, lead you to achieve your highest potential.

So where most life coaching descriptions begin with “this is not therapy”, I don?t, because in what I am able to do with you the edges of coaching and therapy become more blurred ? because, when you think about it, people come to coaches because they want to be able to do something they don?t feel they can do. Very similar to the reason people come to a therapist. This is about inspiring your unconscious mind and harnessing the power of you to create the life you want.

If you are willing to go deep, be fearless and challenge yourself, great things become possible.

“I see who I m now and I won’t let anybody question that I am good and worthy for real love and all the positive things I can achieve in my life. You opened my eyes and pushed me over my own limits to realise my own potential. Thank you once again. You have really changed my life.”?GS, England

I invite anyone who is interested in working with me to have a conversation free of charge where we can explore how things are for you and begin to move you towards life as you would like it to be. From that we can both decide if we are a good fit?and how we can take that forward. I am selective about who I work with as I believe we both need to inspire each other in order to create a powerful coaching relationship. Bring your ideas, goals, blocks to success and reasons for wanting to coach with me and we can take it from there.

Contact me here or on 07768 418 359 to book the conversation that could make all the difference in your life.