Hypnosis for Weight Loss using Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Do you struggle with your weight or with food? Are you dissatisfied with your body shape? Hypnosis for weight loss using Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help release you from this struggle, allow you to achieve the weight loss you want and leave you free to enjoy life as the person you most want to be. I work with many weight loss clients at my Harley Street clinic to achieve changes to their body shape and eating habits that are sustainable.

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Those of us with experience of diets know that they don’t work. They are a short-term, quick-fix that usually ends in more weight being put on over time. Cognitive Hypnotherapy gets to the unconscious reasons for being overweight, or for having issues with food, and releases them, allowing you to free yourself from that feeling of being hijacked by unwanted eating patterns or behaviours. In these one-to-one sessions we won’t focus on what you eat or in what quantities, but by using a number of techniques from Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP I will tailor a treatment plan specifically to you, allowing you to lose weight in a healthy natural way that lasts.

Hypnosis for weight loss can be an incredibly effective way to lose weight and connect deeper with the person that you want to be. In every moment is the possibility for change. Why not contact me today to find out how I can help you achieve that change.