Coaching & Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Performers

Coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Performers

Is something holding you back as a performer or in your personal life?

Do you invest in an acting coach or voice or music teacher? Most performers invest in nurturing their talent but not in their career progression or in clearing their emotional blocks to success. Coaching with Cognitive Hypnotherapy for performers can make all the difference in how your talent can shine and in the recognition you receive for your craft. 

Be the Best You Can Be.

Do you feel that you are not quite reaching your full potential as a performer? Or perhaps you feel that increased self-belief would make a difference to the jobs or roles you are getting? Perhaps you experience stage fright or anxiety? Coaching and Hypnotherapy for performers like you may just be the thing to make the difference.

Are you investing in aligning your mind with your goals? Many performers find they are being held back in some way from achieving their full potential. I work with my clients to overcome their barriers to success and together we work to achieve their dreams.

When you align your unconscious mind with what you want to achieve miracles can happen.

The people I have worked with have seen huge shifts in their careers. I have helped clients move forward in their professions and being cast in roles they never would have considered possible and also:

  • Performance and audition anxiety
  • Stage fright
  • Embodiment of self and of characters they are developing
  • Increased confidence and self-belief
  • Stage presence
  • Weight management and eating disorders
  • EnhancedlLearning of lines/music/choreography
  • Stopping smoking and other addictions and destructive habits
  • Phobias and Fears
  • Releasing a character after a shoot/play has ended and returning fully to self

As well as Cognitive Hypnotherapy I also offer longer term coaching to connect you to your most inspiring life. If absolutely nothing were holding you back what would you be aiming for?  If you have a big dream that you want help realising get in contact now to see how I can support you in achieving so much more than you even thought to be possible.

I felt immediately at ease with Kirsty, she has such a warm and empathic manner. She guided me effortlessly through some techniques which really helped me to move on from some personal difficulties.

As a singer I specifically chose to see Kirsty because of her expertise in working with performers. My voice had been feeling tight for some time and I had lost my confidence. I was amazed at how the changes in my unconscious mind could be felt instantly in my body as my voice released. It’s great to be in a place where I’m enjoying my singing again. Thank you Kirsty!!

I originally trained in Stage Management and Theatre Production at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) and, prior to embarking on a successful career as a hypnotherapist in London, Hypnotherapy for performers - a number of years working with performers in both the theatre and television industry. It is because of my training that I really understand the performing arts industry and what it takes to break through any barriers that may be stopping you from being the best you can be.

With Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Performers I now enjoy helping actors, directors, dancers, singers and musicians reach their full potential, either through solving emotional issues that might be affecting their relationship to work, or by performance enhancement. Often all it takes is to learn the tools to allow yourself to ‘get out of your own way’ to enable your creativity to shine through.

Working with me has the potential to change your life. Perhaps I can help you to achieve your goals, both professionally and personally. Contact me for more information and to begin the conversation that could be the start of something incredible in your world.