An intense Intensive! Rich Litvin, Steve Chandler and the Ultimate Coach Steve Hardison

This past weekend I spend two days with Rich Litvin, Steve Chandler, Steve Hardison and one hundred hugely talented coaches from around the world. It was quite an event.

To say that it was a room filled with energy would be an understatement. The room was vibrating with ideas, love, acceptance and a huge amount of possibility. The core message was so simple and one that I work to with all my clients – Be You in every moment. Every single one because it is from that place where the magic happens. The ideas that are core to Cognitive Hypnotherapy – of letting go of the idea of the permanent personality, that we are not fixed but that we are changing, evolving human beings, with changing, evolving thoughts. When we live to this we can achieve so much more in life and decide to let go of limiting beliefs of what is possible for us.

Steve Hardison doesn’t give public talks all that often, in fact since the weekend a number of people have asked me what it was like to meet him, what he said to the group – what his message is. It is difficult to put into words what happened in that room on Sunday. He is a man with an incredible presence. He is full of love. Bursting with it in fact. I can see why people pay what they do to work with him because he offers a sense that anything is possible when you engage in the magic of life. And as I put it into words I’m aware that what we all experienced with him loses it’s impact almost entirely. Words are not quite up to it.


Steve Hardison