Be Nice – If you’re not kind to yourself then who will be?

Be Nice

Are You As Kind to Self As You Are To Others?

What is it that you are you telling yourself? Do you have a negative or positive voice in your head? Have a listen for a while to work out how it sounds. Is it shouty, is it quietly critical? Is it constant? Does it come and go?

Be nice to yourself

Be nice to yourself. If you think it might be less than supportive why not do something about it. You could be amazed at the difference it could make to how you feel, how much you can achieve and even your relationships. Imagine how it would be to have someone cheering for you 24 hours a day, telling you how amazing you are, how much you can achieve, giving you ideas for what is possible to?achieve.

So be nice. Cognitive Hypnotherapy can really make a difference with this. In a short time it is possible to experience?having someone being kind to you, in a significant way – lots. Would that be nice?