Hypnotherapy in Harley Street

Hypnotherapy Harley Street, London

My clinic is at No 1. Harley Street, London W1G 9QD.  For a Google map please click here.

Coaching and/or Cognitive Hypnotherapy can provide a powerful means of change. If you feel that something is holding you back in your life – that you have a sense that more is possible for you or that you’d like to let go of something that is holding you back – this may be for you.

My clients range from CEOs to mothers returning to work, to performers who want to get to the next level of casting, to someone who is ready to let go of years of anxiety and stress.

If you have something that it’s time you let go of, why not call email today to see how you can be helped at my London Hypnotherapy practice. In every moment is the possibility for change. Why not make this moment count.