Hypnotherapy for Stress









Do you need help with stress? We live in a stressful world where conditions such as hypertension, obesity and depression are commonplace. Often we don?t help ourselves by pushing too hard, and not feeling able to loosen the reins. This can lead to people anesthetising by overeating, drinking too much, having difficulty in personal relationships and in well documented long-term health deterioration. More and more people are now turning to Cognitive Hypnotherapy to combat these stresses to enable them to live healthier lives.

Many people exhaust themselves trying to keep all aspects of their lives working efficiently. This can lead to long-term stress and anxiety conditions which in turn have a knock on effect in other areas of their life. Cognitive Hypnotherapy works on a two pronged approach, shifting the underlying beliefs that drive those behaviours that create stress, and by teaching tools to change the mind?s response to those everyday situations.

Many people find that by letting go of those stresses in their lives, it follows that they then begin to look after themselves better. Weight loss, and a reduction in alcohol consumption are just some of the things that clients report to be the most significant physical benefits. People also report an improvement in personal relationships and a better quality of sleep.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy, as taught by Trevor Silvester at the Quest Institute, embraces techniques from hypnotherapy, NLP and positive psychology as well as some of the latest thinking around neuro-plasticity ? how the brain can change it?s structure as we develop new habits. As well as the one-to-one work with the therapist, clients are given an MP3 to listen to which teaches them to relax more easily and to let go of the stresses that aren?t useful in their life. In only a few sessions clients often report significant changes in how they are thinking and feeling – more positively and more relaxed.

The great thing about Cognitive Hypnotherapy is that change can be possible in a relatively short period of time. Many people see the benefits they want in between 3 ? 5 sessions and some even fewer. It really is possible for clients to let go of those unconscious patterns of behaviours and often so much easier than they might think.

Just imagine how much better life might be if you were able to chose a more relaxed, positive outlook to the things that happen around you. Most people find that they become more productive, more friendly and more fun. Doesn?t that sound good?

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