Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Stress

Do you suffer from stress?

Do you sometimes feel that work, or life in general is getting too much? Today most of us lead very busy lives and we all suffer from degrees of stress, however it’s the way we manage it that makes the difference. Unchecked, stress and anxiety can lead to feelings of anger, depression, experiencing panic attacks and ultimately can manifest in medical conditions such as high blood-pressure, insomnia, headaches etc.

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy, at either my Crouch End or Harley Street clinics, I will tailor the treatment to you as an individual, teaching you new ways to cope with what life throws at you?- using hypnosis and other techniques turning that stress response down. You will learn tools to manage your day-to-day life to lessen the impact of stressful situations and the anxiety that they can cause and even to turn?those feelings?around into a positive tool for achievement.

Please feel free to contact me today to find out more about how I can help you with Cognitive Hypnotherapy for stress, or other issues that may be holding you back in your life.