Self-Hypnosis Workshop

with Kirsty Hanly

80% of people feel stress on a daily basis. ?Are you one of?them? If I could teach you in one day how to use self-hypnosis to feel more relaxed and in control, would you come??If so then this one-day self-hypnosis course could be for you.

You already know how to enter a trance state as you do it all the time in your everyday life. You know that feeling when you’re on automatic pilot, when you don’t notice how you got to your destination in the car – you just did somehow, or when you miss your stop on the train because you’re so absorbed in a good book? This course will teach you how to go into that state deliberately and utilise it to help you in so many ways.

During the day you will learn the most effective techniques from the fields of hypnosis NLP and Positive Psychology to help you to use self-hypnosis to change your stress-response, allowing you to experience life in a much more positive way. Using Wordweaving, I will also provide you with an MP3 Cognitive Hypnotherapy recording for you to listen to in your own time, allowing an evening deeper long-term change to occur.

To register your interest, just fill in the form?here?and I’ll get back to you with dates and times.

If you would like me to come and deliver this workshop at your company or place of work do contact me to discuss the possibilities.