Living Deliberately

New Huffington Post Blog – Spring Clean Your Life: Living Deliberately

Living Deliberately

Are you living deliberately and with purpose or does life just happen to you?

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“In the 21st Century we can live such busy lives that it’s very easy to lose awareness of the ability we all have to control our emotions, our state of mind and the skill of planning for happiness. Rather than just letting life happen to you, how much better might it be to consciously steer it, through your actions, thought and feelings, in a more positive direction? We often spend a long time worrying about things in our lives – focussing on how badly something might go, how much worse things could be, etc. ‘Worrying’ is one term for it and so is ‘planning for the worst’! Perhaps, by spending all that time focussing on the negatives, you are in fact planning for it to go wrong. How about instead using all that time and energy planning for success?”

Cognitive Hypnotherapy and coaching can help you to create a whole new way to approach your life. Living deliberately, shifting fixed mindsets, creating more powerful stories to work to, changing how you approach relationships and so much more is possible. Contact us today to book a free initial conversation to discuss how you can be helped.