Procrastination and goal setting

Procrastination: How do You Eat an Elephant? – on the Huffington Post

Coaching and Goal Setting with Cognitive Hypnotherapy

New Huffington Post Article on Procrastination

How Do You Eat an Elephant?

Is procrastination a problem? Would you like help getting more done?

Do you have a project that you really should be doing but just don’t seem to get started on it? Read some tips in my latest for the Huffington Post – here.

And if you’d like help getting more done, achieving what you say you want to have happen, or with procrastination, then do get in touch. You’d be amazed what Cognitive Hypnotherapy can do to help, and quite possibly more easily than you might think.

Contact Kirsty here for a chat about how Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help with procrastination, clearing limiting beliefs that get in the way – and so much more.