Hypnobirth for a Confident Childbirth

Wouldn’t it be?great if childbirth could?be a positive experience, filled with joy?and excitement rather than pain or fear?

“I actually went into labour the very same evening after seeing you.?Amazingly, the birth pretty much had all the elements of the labour?I had?envisaged during the session; I even snoozed a bit (which seemed?like a?ridiculous thing to hope for). I was delighted with how it all?turned out?and I think the hypnotherapy was a great help, so thanks for?everything!” AF, London

Confident ChildbirthHypnobirthing, with the Confident Childbirth method uses hypnosis to offer you the chance to?feel calm?and?in control?before, during and after the birth of your baby. The great thing about this hypnobirthing method is that it can only be practiced by a fully qualified hypnotherapist, Trained by the Quest Institute, and therefore you can be assured of the highest possible standards.

I offer Hypnotherapy for Childbirth in both Crouch End, London N8 and Harley Street. For more information about my clinic locations please click here.

How Does it Help?
If you are nervous about the birth of your child you are not at all alone.? However, by attending approximately 4 hour-long hypnobirth sessions it is possible to transform your experience into one that you can remember for all the right reasons.

Using this method of hypnosis techniques you can?let go of fears, worries, and anxieties?about labour and delivery,?overcome any negative beliefs, thoughts or memories?that are getting in your way and discover how to?look forward to the achievement of giving birth. Most mothers have four sessions, some, with extra issues to work on, come for six.

Hypnotherapy for ChildbirthThis approach takes account of how you feel now, respect your wishes and guide you towards the birth that you wish for you and your baby. It differs from the hypno birth method as it is an incredibly flexible approach that is tailored to each individual. I do not use a set formula, but work with what you need to achieve the best birth experience possible.

During?your?sessions you’ll learn:

  • Self-hypnosis: how to go into a state of calm relaxation
  • Personal visualisations to aid?your labour and delivery
  • Relaxation and a range of pain control techniques
  • How to remain positive, in control and in communication

By the end of your sessions, you may be surprised just how much your mindset has shifted, so that you can look forward to childbirth in a much more relaxed way than before.

What are the benefits of hypnobirthing with the Confident Childbirth method?

Before the Birth

  • The experience of pregnancy becomes more enjoyable and exciting process as you learn to think more positively about labour and delivery.
  • The skills you learn enable you to relax, look after yourself and cope more calmly with challenges such hospital waiting rooms.
  • Self-hypnosis helps you get sleep better and get back to sleep if your nights are disturbed.

During Labour and Delivery

  • Being positive and calm with a range of pain control techniques to use, you?re much less likely to need chemical painkillers.
  • Research shows that labour is likely to be significantly shorter.
  • Research also shows that there?s a much reduced likelihood of forceps, ventouse, or Caesarean section.
  • You?ll have learned a proven method for communicating with medical staff which means you?ll feel involved in any decisions that are made as labour progresses.
  • You?ll have a range of tools and visualisations to use so that you can stay positive and comfortable .

After Your Baby is Born

  • Your baby is likely to have a higher Apgar score
    (measurement of wellbeing immediately post-delivery)
  • Reduced use of pain medication means reduction of?undesirable side effects for mother and baby.
  • You?re likely to need a shorter hospital stay and?
    Hypnosis for childbirthhave a quicker postnatal recovery.
  • Reduced incidence of post-natal depression.
  • Many mothers report that their babies are calmer and feed and sleep better due to their gentle passage into the world.
  • Self-hypnosis and relaxation aid breast-feeding
  • Your new tools can help you cope more easily with family life and get more easily back to sleep during any disturbed nights

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