Happiness is Now – Wise words from Derren Brown

I read this article on Derren Brown today and I really liked the message, particularly this quote from him on happiness.

“The route to real happiness is about realising what you have now, rather than focusing on what could be.”

Future thinking can be a real problem when you get too caught up in it. What might be, what could happen and what should happen all create a story that takes us away from now and from enjoying the moment that we have. If we always project into the future fear can take hold and prevent us from being the person that we know we can be.?Fear really is a big one in stopping people from living a fulfilled life.

If we live in fear, or protection, we aren’t living in growth. Living in protection causes stuckness (not a real word, but it’s a good one!) and often a feeling of depression or helplessness. Often bad decisions are taken from a place of fear. Taking control and moving into a growth mindset can be the thing that makes the biggest difference to what you are able to to achieve. I often see that shift in my clients as we work together and they often report back that they feel as it they are living a more authentic life as so many more possibilities open up to them.

I love what Derren Brown says about finding a realistic view of being happy. When you become free of those limitations of fear, protection and a story of how you think life ‘should’ be a gentle happiness opens up. It’s not a Kapow! moment, but a gentle slow burn of loveliness under the surface. Something that exits entirely in now but that can be missed if your mind rests in fear.

If you’d like to explore these ideas further why not get in contact and we can discuss how I can help you to find the shift that sets you free to enjoy so much more of what now has to offer.