Dental Phobia? Cognitive Hypnotherapy May Be the Answer

Do you have a dental phobia? I was recently asked to contribute an article in the June issue of the Dental?Hygiene?and Therapy (DH&T) magazine – out next week. You might be interested…

DH&T Dental Health and Therapy

In it I give advice to dental professionals about how their patients can let go of fears around ?dental treatment. Some of the most common fears that people experience are?the fear of the dentist themselves, fearing needles, a fear of numbness, a fear of pain, a far of the dentists drill, fear of choking and for some, fear of the fear or panic attack that might occur actually in the dentist’s chair. For many other people there might be a more low-level generalised anxiety that is just strong enough to make them think twice about seeking dental treatment. You can see the article here:?DH&T Article on Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Dental Fear

Does any of that resonate with you? In my London practice I see many people for fears and anxieties and often they are surprised at how these can be shifted with cognitive?hypnotherapy. A dental phobia is very common but there is much that can be done. As well as learning to relax, I will help you to clear the unconscious connections that your mind is making, enabling you to work towards letting go of the fear response. You will also learn tools to relax, to?counteract?the stress response in your body and mind.

If you have a dental phobia – fear seeing your dentist, or perhaps you are a dental practitioner yourself, why not get in contact to see how cognitive hypnotherapy could help. My practice is in London, but if you are elsewhere in the country do get in contact as I may be able to recommend a cognitive hypnotherapist in your area.