Succeeding at Failing

Failing to Succeed – Derek Redmond

What if it’s all about failing?

What is it they say?  “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again”. I remember hearing that in the playground at primary school. It’s an interesting one. In my former life I would try, try and try again, but unless I brought a real conscious awareness to things, usually then I would stop abruptly if it didn’t work out. That was my mode for a long while until I learnt to embrace failure. Not being afraid of failing is the key to so much. Now I go for a lot longer. I seek out how I can fail. But it still needs awareness and reminders and tools to increase motivation or desire and to make sure I remember to seek out growth. How about you? What’s your number of tries and when do you quietly put it down and do something else instead?

So on that note, did you set any resolutions for the new year? If so, how are they working out for you?

Are you failing to succeed or succeeding at failure? Or something else?

So the question that comes next is what do you do in the face of the struggle?  Do you know what your regular mode is? Give up after a certain number of attempts, or try another approach? Often it depends what our motivation is. If you are carrying a strong enough motivation anything becomes possible and building motivation really can be quite easy. You just have to ask yourself ‘What do I need to experience about this that would make me REALLY want to achieve it?’. What is it about it that will make getting to the finish line inevitable, no matter what happens.

Olympian Derek Redmond knew a thing or two about persevering. You may very well have seen this before, but how about you watch it with that thing in mind that you would really like to achieve. Can you see how much he wants this? How the pain he experienced didn’t matter because nothing was going to get in his way here. How could you draw parallels for what it is you want to achieve? What would Derek do?

If you would like help in achieving your big goal for this year why not get in touch. Using Coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy I help my clients shift the blocks they might be experiencing which enables so much more achievement than you might expect – and failing usefully rather than painfully. Getting to where you want to go to can be a powerful experience. Crossing the line can be everything.

Succeeding at Failing

Photo by Jerry Lodriguss / The Philadelphia Inquirer