Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Performers

Hypnotherapy for performers

Coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy London and Online

Is Something Holding You back as a Performer or in Your Personal Life?
Be the Best You Can Be with  Coaching & Cognitive Hypnotherapy London

I am hugely passionate about people’s ability to reach their full potential. I work with many high level performers, directors and producers from all over the globe who want to reach the next stage in their careers and personal lives. Whether you are an Oscar or BAFTA winner or a West End or Broadway stage actor, whether you are singing at the Met or the Royal Opera House, you would perhaps be surprised to find that you are not alone in your struggles. Many people who work with me go on to achieve so much ore than they ever thought possible.

Perhaps your issue is obvious to you and presenting as stage fright or audition anxiety. Many people I work with also feel as if they are not quite reaching your full potential as a performer or elsewhere in their lives. Perhaps you feel that increased self belief would make a difference to the jobs or roles you are getting? Coaching and hypnotherapy for performers may be the thing to make the difference in your life and your level of success an recognition.

Hypnotherapy for performers

Coaching & Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help with Performance and Audition Anxiety, Stage Fright, Embodiment, Increased Confidence and Self Belief, Stage Presence and Enhanced Learning of Lines/Music/Choreography.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy LondonI felt immediately at ease with Kirsty, she has such a warm and empathic manner. She guided me effortlessly through some techniques which really helped me to move on from some personal difficulties. As a singer I specifically chose to see Kirsty because of her expertise in working with performers. My voice had been feeling tight for some time and I had lost my confidence. I was amazed at how the changes in my unconscious mind could be felt instantly in my body as my voice released. It’s great to be in a place where I’m enjoying my singing again. Thank you Kirsty!! 

Work with someone who knows the industry AND is an expert in the unconscious mind and embodiment.

I originally trained in Stage Management and Theatre Production at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) and, prior to embarking on a successful career as a coach and hypnotherapist in London, spent a number of years working with performers in both on stage and television industries. It is because of my training that I really understand the performing arts industry and what it takes to break through any barriers that may be stopping you from being the best you can be.

I now enjoy helping actors, directors, dancers, singers and musicians reach their full potential, either through solving emotional issues that might be affecting their relationship to work, or by performance enhancement. Often all it takes is to learn the tools to allow yourself to ‘get out of your own way’ to enable your creativity to shine through.

To work with me is an investment in yourself and your career. I only work with a few select individuals at a time but if you are interested in finding out more just email me on via the Contact Me page to tell me a bit about yourself and what you want to achieve and we can take things from there. I’ll look forward to sharing in your journey.