Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Disorders – Article in the Guardian Newspaper

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

There was a great piece in the Guardian Newspaper this week about anxiety disorders, their diagnosis, and treatment.

I often treat people with hypnotherapy for anxiety disorders and Generalised Anxiety Disorder is much more common than you might think. According to NHS Choices, it affects an astonishing 1 in 20 adults in the UK. If you are a sufferer you are certainly not alone and there is much that can be done to help you. In my London clinic, I use hypnosis and NLP among other techniques (within the framework of Cognitive Hypnotherapy) to successfully treat many sufferers of anxiety and related conditions.

The physiological symptoms of anxiety include hyperventilation (over breathing), tingling in hands and feet, dizziness, increased heart rate, a feeling of a tight band across your chest, shaking, difficulty breathing. You may also experience feelings of wanting to escape from the situation, things appearing to speed up or slow down, feeling on edge and highly alert to the things around you. Anxious thoughts can include thinking you may be sick, thinking you might die, thinking you might have a heart attack, worrying that you might lose control, thinking that you might faint among other recognised symptoms.

You can read the Guardian article here: Guardian Newspaper Article on Anxiety Disorders.

In my London Hypnotherapy practice I see many clients and use hypnotherapy for anxiety of all kinds. With the tools of Cognitive Hypnotherapy I treat the underlying causes of anxiety and teach my clients breathing techniques and other specific tools to help them overcome the physiological symptoms of this condition.

Nothing has to be the way it is. You can be free of anxiety, stress and the associated symptoms. Do contact me for more information and to book an assessment appointment and we can take it from there.