Chronic stress creates prematurely aging cells – the Guardian Newspaper reports

In todays Guardian Online, James Kingsland reports on a new study by scientists at UCL following up initial studies into the effects of stress hormones on adults males.

You can read it here?

It describes how otherwise apparently healthy older men’s cells are affected by chronic stress and their system’s ability to deal with environmental and emotional stresses – perhaps due to a predisposition acquired in early life – and making sense of the long-held notion that the further down the pecking order you are – socially speaking – the more likely you are to die young of heart disease, stroke etc.

So this brings me to the question – how are your stress levels? If you are worried, there is much that can be done to change your mind’s response to the things that go on around you, giving you a feeling of control over your circumstances and therefore bringing down the unconscious and physiological stress response.

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