Brene Brown on Vulnerability

I’m pretty late to the party with this one I know, but I loved her so much that I wanted to share this with you. In this TED talk, Brene Brown shares the findings from years of research, that vulnerability is not just important, but essential to our success, sense of fulfilment and happiness as human beings.

How vulnerable do you let yourself be in your life? ?So often we spend time trying to be perfect, or to appear accomplished or expert at the things we are doing. So often we have learnt to hide our weaknesses and fears. What if the opposite we needed in order for us to feel connected to life and to the people around us? Brene Brown suggests that is exactly the case.

How can you begin to become more vulnerable in your life? I know there are lots of areas that I can and f you read my recent article in the Huffington Post you will get an idea of how I am, step by step, doing this. I’d love you hear your thoughts on this and what you can do to change things in your life. Why not drop me a line here to tell me how your very own Project Vulnerable goes?