Yes We Can. Barack Obama’s Inspiring Farewell.

“Yes We Can”, he said time and time again. And more than any other leader that I can remember, I believed Barack Obama when he spoke those words. Yes we can be more tolerant, yes we can achieve our dreams, yes life can be better for the masses. It just takes vision and belief and effort directed in the right places. A positive ‘Yes’ to change.

Admittedly, it doesn’t take much for me to cry, but when I hear Mr Obama give a speech I weep. Every time. He’s a powerful, visionary speaker. And his wife? Wow, she totally flaws me. What an amazing woman. But I digress. This week Obama delivered that same ‘Yes we can’ message for the last time as President of the United States. “Show up, dive in, stay at it” he told us. I don’t know about you but I was punching the air saying YES I WILL!

The Guardian Newspaper reported Obama’s last speech well:

So what does that message mean to us as individuals and collectively? What could it mean if we all show up more, if we all dive in more, if we stay at it longer and harder and with more determination than ever before? What would it mean to you personally, professionally, in your relationships and in how you go out into the world and try to make a real difference somehow?

What if you really were to let go of whatever is holding you back and do different this year. What if you really listened. What if we all did?  What could we do?

8 years ago when President Obama was inaugurated, I wanted to join the Yes. It felt important then and it actually feels more important now. So I’m asking you now: what is your YES WE CAN? Have a think about it, make a commitment in some way. Shout about it. And most importantly, TAKE ACTION.

Yes you can let go of ways you limit yourself. 
Yes you can live into a greater kindness.
Yes you can make a difference in everything you do, large and small.
Yes you can heal relationships.
Yes you can let go of resentments.
Yes you can love harder
Yes you can live inspired
Yes you can have a good time here.
Yes you can create that secret dream. Because if you don’t then who will?

What is your YES I CAN?

I believe you must embrace all possibility. Because it is in moving through the world lit up that you will light the way for other positive change. And the world needs a little of that for sure.

Because yes you are important here. We all are. I believe we are all here to make a positive difference in the world. To leave it in a better state than we found it and to do that we have to live into being the best version of ourselves. So the question is ‘what do you need to do differently to make that happen?’. It is as much in the small detail, if not more, as it is in the big things you can create. How can you pay more attention to taking care of what matters? How can you say yes more than you say no? How can kindness rule your decisions more than it does now? How can you do more of that thing that would make your heart sing, and maybe others too?

How many politicians are actually worth listening to?  How many do you hear and feel that positive fire in your belly that makes you sit up and think differently? In my opinion, not a huge amount, but I believe the messages that Obama gave us along the way are really worth responding to. There is a very different leadership coming next. How will you keep the ‘Yes You Can’ flag flying this year in the face of that and make a difference in a way that you know how?

Coaching Opportunity: I am looking for 3 individuals to work with this year who want support to create a positive impact in the world. Either you already have a dream that you would like to explore, or you would like to find out what your project of difference might be and dive into what it would look like to create it in some way. Using powerful coaching, and the cognitive tools that I have to get you over any blocks you and your unconscious mind may be experiencing, we will deep dive, create and play. This might be a career-based thing (i.e. how you could do what you do in a new or different way), a completely new venture, something you do in your spare time, or learning how to build relationships in a different way that has a wonderful positive impact.

This could be something national, international or at community level. Maybe you already know what it might be, or would like help to uncover it. Either way, if something about this resonates with you then we should talk. Obama told us Yes We Can. I think we owe it to him and to the world to agree.

Obama Farewell