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Martin Scorsese and Addiction

Martin Scorsese and Addiction

So many people suffer from addiction of different kinds. Whether it be prescription meds or illegal drugs, alcohol, sex, food, shopping… If you find yourself a slave to something that you can’t easily put down and it’s having a negative impact on your life and on your health, you may be an addict of some kind. But if … Continue reading Martin Scorsese and Addiction

Nurture yourself - Feet

30 Ways to Nurture Yourself

30 ways to nurture yourself – mind, body, and soul. Do you struggle to find ways to love and nurture yourself? If you do you certainly are not alone. People often find that when they get stressed or overly busy the first thing that get’s dropped is themselves. Self-care is one of the most important things … Continue reading 30 Ways to Nurture Yourself

How good are you at letting go?

Letting go

So how good are you at letting go? Letting go is not always easy. Stress, anxiety and many other negative experiences are often caused by our minds trying to take control over things that seem out of control in some way. In reality, most of us spend a whole heap of energy in trying to … Continue reading Letting go

Karpman’s Drama Triangle

You and the Drama Triangle. You may already know about Karpman’s Drama Triangle? Either way, read on as you may just discover something that could shift  your perspective and lead to an easier day/week/year/life (delete as they occur!). Not surprisingly, I work with many people who are in the midst of a turmoil of one kind … Continue reading Karpman’s Drama Triangle


WHAT YOU CAN DO VS WHAT YOU SHOULD DO A client of mine wanted this to be the focus of our conversation this week. What you can do vs what you should do. What is possible vs what is right. So we dived in to talking about decisions. This question really interested me as so … Continue reading Decisions