Audrey Hepburn On Why Beauty Is So Much More Than Skin Deep

I love this quote from Audrey Hepburn. She is one of my favourite people in history anyway (Roman Holiday anyone?) but there was something that really struck me today about this quote from her.

Audrey Hepburn Beautiful Eyes quote

Many clients come to me because they feel odd, or different, wrong, or not right with themselves and the world. My clients all want things to be different, which is why they have sought help, but some people are so caught in their thinking that they can’t see that there is a possibility of things being better for them. They feel fixed in their ‘lot’ in life. Often you can witness this bad feeling in behaviours that people do. Anger, aggression and self-destructive behaviour are just some of the ways that this can manifest.

My belief is that we are all perfect beings looking to get back to that place of remembering just that. That we are the same underneath the behaviour that we do and the disguise that we wear. As human beings we tend to forget this. We have a whole bunch of thinking and then doing, that gets in the way of us experiencing the true nature of ourselves.

Our unconscious minds are always doing the best they can for us to feel safe, protected and to have a good experience of life. The trouble is that sometimes we pick up negative beliefs (i.e. thoughts) that can get in the way of this actually being possible. This very intention actually creates difficulties in how we are in the world – the right intention with the wrong method of achieving it if you like.

The good news is that its possible to change the way your mind hooks on to these beliefs – stepping back from chaotic thinking and shifting what for some can be years of negative experience. In changing our old beliefs about ourselves that are often formed in childhood – perhaps useful then but that are often no longer relevant to your life now – we are able to lay down new neural pathways thus creating new patterns of behaviour and new possibilities about who we believe ourselves to be.

So as Audrey pointed out, it is important to look past what we see on the surface, to the person underneath – finding the beauty within ourselves and within others because that’s where the magic of life exists.

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