Astound Yourself – Achieve Your Potential

Don’t you love this Thomas Edison quote below? So, with todays post I’m carrying on the theme of getting the most out of life and out of ourselves.

Edison Quote - things we are capapble of

As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, I strongly work towards my steering my clients towards being able to see their future how they would like it to be. The theory being that we can’t get to where we want to be unless we know where it is. Also that our minds are pre-determined to keep us away from what we find unsafe, scary or problematic, and to carry is towards things that it thinks are safe, fun, fulfilling and generally lovely.

Have a bit of a dream about what you are capable of achieving. Really push your vision to the limits. Spend some time really enjoying the possibilities and allowing your mind to focus on all the positive aspects of?achieving?that goal.

See yourself as you would be, watch how you are acting and interacting with others positively. Imagine being in the body of that you having achieved your dream. How does it feel? ?What are you thinking and?experiencing?differently? If that you in the future could give the you now some advice that would make it easier to get there, what would they say?

Dare to dream. Take a step a day towards this goal. You might be literally astounded at what you can?achieve.