Lose weight with Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Are you unhappy with your weight or your relationship to food?

For some, food and weight can be a constant struggle. ?In our society, there is so much pressure to be thin and it doesn’t help that we are bombarded by pictures of?celebrities?(yes you, Victoria Beckham et al). These women and the magazine editors who promote them provide a totally unrealistic view of the female body shape largely due to the amount of re-touching that goes on before publication.

Lose weight with Cognitive HypnotherapyWhen you think about it, many of people unconsciously aspire to be something which in real life doesn’t even exist.

So wouldn’t it be great to ditch the diets, re-assess your self-image and be able to maintain a health weight naturally?

There is a lovely article here in the Daily Mail today about the success of the Thinking Slimmer approach. Set up by fellow Harley Street Cognitive Hypnotherapists, Thinking Slimmer?provides?you with a healthy alternative to dieting, involving listening to an MP3 daily and letting your unconscious mind do the rest.

For many this provides the kick-start that they need to really make a change. For lots of people though, further therapeutic help is needed – and that is where we come in. For more information on how Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help with food wnd eight issues ?have a look at the relevant pages by clicking here. There are a network of Quest trained Cognitive Hypnotherapists across the country who are here to help. If you are in London and want to discuss things further, or to book in to my Harley Street or Crouch End clinics,?do give me a call on 07768 418 359 or contact me via this online form.

If you are elsewhere in the country have a look at the Quest Therapist Finder, enter your postcode and you will get a list of great therapists near you.

There is no need to feel that you have to live with weight or food issues. Help is at hand.

I also now run The Weight Escape. A 6 week programme aimed at teaching you tools for long-term weight loss success. For more information go to www.theweightescape.co.uk .