Stress, Anxiety and Panic – TED Talk

Do you suffer from anxiety, stress or panic – or perhaps one, or a mixture of all of those debilitating things? People honestly don’t often realise how much can be done to help. If you are in the midst of one of these things do know that different is possible. Often amazingly so.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety, stress or panic can be incredibly successful. I have worked with hundreds of clients who in often a much shorter time than you might image, become free of what it is that has held them back, sometimes for years.

We deal with the underlying causes of anxiety, panic and stress on an unconscious level in order to create freedom from those responses that leave you with that often debilitating experience of anxiety and stress symptoms. If you suffer from stress, anxiety or panic attacks do watch this great TED talk.

Alongside the therapeutic interventions that Cognitive Hypnotherapy offers, practising observing the feelings and sensations of the anxiety and fully experiencing them can have a hugely transformative effect. Your mind is trying to keep you away from a perceived danger. The response is out of proportion to the stimulus but you do need to take notice. Your mind and body want you to do things differently. Some of this may involve doing more of the things your mind has been keeping you away from and some of those things may be about how to take the pressure off. This is where hypnotherapy for anxiety, stress and panic comes in. Together we will create new patterns of thinking and behaviour changes that will make the difference – and so your mind will no longer need to create those old reactions that once held you back.

Nothing has to be the way it’s always been. Anxiety and panic can be a thing of the past. Why not call today on 07768 418 359 to see how Cognitive Hypnotherapy and coaching can help you? Or drop me a line here and we can schedule a time to start that positive change.