Green Spaces Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

Get into Green Spaces to Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

Green Spaces Alleviate Stress and Anxiety


According to recent research people’s stress levels are directly related to their proximity to green open spaces. As this article describes.,72826.asp



For those of us who live in urban environments, there is a perception that in the city we are deprived of green spaces to immerse in. However if we look about us often we can find more than we realised. Personally they are my saviour. It could be the increased level of oxygen, or the vast expanse of sky, or just grabbing a bit of extra light on these dark days, but hanging out in our London parks really makes a difference to the way I feel.

How many green spaces do you have locally that you could get out in a little more to lift your mood? Here in North London I can count Kenwood and Hampstead Heath, Alexandra Park, Queens Woods, Highgate Woods and Priory Park as my local green spaces – and all but the Heath are just a short walk away. Even one tree, outside of a window or on your walk to work counts as a green space for these purposes. If you can take time to be with nature it can have a relaxing healing effect. Have a play with this for yourself and see what the green does for you if you can be with it more fully.

Anchor the feeling

Whilst you are there you could also anchor any calm and relaxed feelings that you have for recall later. Build those feelings as much as you can, pause, and then take a moment to breathe them in more fully. You may find that later on, as you move through your day, you can evoke that ‘green spaces’ feeling to help a sensation of being more calm and relaxed.  Then the next time you are feeling a little stressed or anxious perhaps, again recall what you can of that moment.