Get into the Green to Alleviate Stress and Anxiety



According to recent research?people’s?stress levels are directly related to their proximity to green open spaces. The article here?,72826.asp goes into it in more detail, but I know that that it’s certainly true for me.

There is a perception that in?the?city we are deprived of green space, however I recently moved to the edge of a rather gorgeous North London park and have been getting out there lots (even in the recent sleet and snow, when it wasn’t looking all that green!). It could be the?increased level of oxygen, or the vast expanse of sky, or just grabbing a bit of extra light on?these?dark days, but it has really made a difference to the way I feel all round.

How many green spaces do you have locally that you could get out in a little more to lift your mood? Although I now have one on my doorstep, I can also count Kenwood and Hampstead Heath, Alexandra Park, Queens Woods, Highgate Woods and Priory Park as my local green spaces – and all but the Heath are just a short walk away. If you have a dog you probably already make the most of your nearest park but if not, where could you go to ?de-stress?

Whilst you are there you could also anchor any calm and relaxed feelings that you have for recall later. Build those feelings as much as you can and then hold your thumb and forefinger together for a few seconds, locking that feeling in. You can do this any time you feel calm and relaxed and then next time you are feeling stressed or anxious, again put your thumb and finger together to bring back those lovely feelings. This is a great NLP technique and can be so efective. ?Why not give it a try?