Weight Loss Courses in London

A whole new weight loss way

Weight Loss Courses in London






This evening the lovely?nutritionist?Sam Perkins (of?http://happyeaters.co.uk ) and I ran the first of a 6 week weight loss course.

The Weight Escape is designed allow people to achieve a new relationship with food and themselves, to break away from the diet industry and faddy short-term ways to lose weight and to achieve sensible long-term solutions.

Sam and I both see lots of people with weight and food?difficulties?in our private?practices and we wanted to do something that was accessible to many people and would really make a difference.

For so many, the diet industry has held such a grip over their food choices that they’ve become confused as to the best way to eat. Is it all about protein? Are carbs bad? How can I know all the calories in everything? And for others extreme diets every now and again have become the norm – only to put it all back on and more when they start eating ‘normally’ again.

To find out that there is something that can be done about the emotional aspects to being overweight, for some can be life changing. It isn’t all about food, otherwise there wouldn’t be a diet industry. Everyone would just eat what they need to to fuel their bodies and that would be that. Most people who have food and weight issues are experts in the field of weight loss – just not applying it due to emotional or unconscious reasons.

Interestingly, next door to our course was a famous weight-losing group, absolutely packed to the rafters, but which most participants on The Weight Escape had tried and either ‘failed’?(note: heavy inverted commas, as you are really not failing at something that as an?industry?requires you to ‘fail’ as its modus operandi!).

Well, they say that through good intentions come good results, and what a gorgeous bunch of people came along to The Weight Escape this evening. We really look forward to guiding them and following them on?their?journey to find a new relationship to food, to themselves and to life.


If you would like to find out more about this new approach to weight loss do get in contact. We offer group sessions and one-to-one appointments in Central London and in Crouch End, North London.