A Thought for the Day… A Reality Check

So here’s a useful thought for the day:

Are you aware that you create your own reality with your thinking?

Well the good news and the bad news is that you do. The good news – that it means you have a chance to create a better one. The bad news though is that it can be due to unconscious patterning that you can be ‘stuck’ in a reality that may not be working as well as you’d like it to.

More good news – things can change. Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy, I work with my clients to shift the blocks that their mind may be holding on to that get in the way of creating a better experience of life. These may be limiting beliefs of what they are capable of (thoughts of not being as good as others, not deserving, not capable, that life must be hard etc.); negative patterns that create anxiety, depressive thoughts and stress; , or maybe habits or behaviours  that are getting in the way. Once these shift, an incredible experience of life becomes possible as you can learn to create more of the thinking that supports who you want to be and pay less and less attention to those that don’t.

I wonder what will be your thought for the day – tomorrow – that will create a better reality for yourself? To find out more about how I can help you manifest more of what you want – inside your head and out – just drop me a line here and we can arrange a conversation. And feel free to pop on over to my coaching site to find out more about that modality too – www.InspiringLivesCoaching.com.

Thought for the day: Manifesting thoughts