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3 Ways to Shift your Belief Systems (and a good quote!)

The Power of a Good Quote

How often do you read a good quote and how does this shift what you believe to be true?

They’re everywhere you look. The power of a good quote is incredibly attractive. The social media platforms are full of them. But what these places are actually full of are people who want to see the world differently. People who are hungry for their belief systems to be rocked.

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Some beliefs are great (I am amazing, I can do it, the world is kind, I am loved…), and some not so great (I don’t deserve success, I’m unlovable, I’ll always have this problem, I don’t deserve good things etc.). So how can you really change those things you hold to be true but that are getting in the way of living a great life?

Well here are 3 things that can make a huge difference:

  1. Suspend disbelief.
    What if you were a person who believed in yourself more deeply than you ever thought possible?  What would you be doing differently?  I often suggest to my clients to imagine they are wearing a costume of a character they would like to be. Jung’s work of archetypes can be a fascinating thing to explore here; The King, The Warrior, The Goddess etc. How would they stand, move, walk, talk? What would that person be thinking differently? How would they be interacting with the world around them? Identify the differences and try them on. You don’t have to believe anything at all to do this – just suspend disbelief, play and notice.
  2. Identify what the actual beliefs are that hold you back.
    So as well as developing an overall greater belief in who you are as a person, spend some tie identifying exactly what is it that you tell yourself that gets in the way. What is it that you hold to be true about yourself that is restricting rather than liberating or motivating? In my talk for TEDx, I outlined some of the things that are ‘true’ for many. Those limiting beliefs or fears that people tuck away and often don’t acknowledge, but that are so common to all. Identify yours and then read point 3 below. (and if you’d like some help on that drop me a line and I can support you in finding out what it is under the surface that holds you back in particular).
  3. Know that difference is possible.
    So knowing all that is all fine and dandy, and hugely interesting, but what holds most people back is thinking they are stuck with the way they see the world. The good news is that your brain is forever growing new neural pathways and creating new ways of being is actually much easier than you might imagine. When you read a good quote do you ever have a moment where you see the world differently? That’s a small example of insight level change. To a much more powerful level I go to that place a lot with my clients. It’s the place from which the world suddenly looks, feels and sounds different. From there new behaviours and positive beliefs are created so much more easily. From there incredible change can occur.

So next time you read a good quote, something that makes you smile, question your thinking or open up in a different way, see what you could experience differently or tell yourself more positively as a result. You might just find yourself questioning the belief that until now has held you back, but that in releasing it can be the difference that makes a difference in your life.

If this resonates with you at all and you want to talk to me about Cognitive Hypnotherapy or Coaching just drop me a line here or call me on 07768 418 359. Belief shifting is just one of the ways that I help my clients. I wonder what else that by it changing would free you to connect deeper to who you can truly be in the world?