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Hypnotherapy London, Harley Street

Coaching & Hypnotherapy London

Coaching & Cognitive Hypnotherapy London.

Life Coaching with Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Longer-term support for the life you want to create.

Hypnotherapy London
Hypnotherapy  London

Coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy – one-to-one in London and online.

If you are here visiting this website you may already feel that it is time for change. But what you may not yet know is that this can be so much easier than you might think. Cognitive Hypnotherapy gets to the heart of the difficulties you’re experiencing and create lasting change and with transformational coaching you can positively integrate these changes into your life. This proven methodology allows you to be so much more of who you can be.

Coaching and Hypnotherapy London and worldwide – via Zoom.

We all get hooked into mindsets, habits and emotional patterns that don’t serve us, but there is so much that can be done to help shift these and to create a way to live free of those things that might once have held you back. You may have found this site because in some realm of your life you experience Stress or Anxiety and Panic or are restricted by self-limiting beliefs and habits. Perhaps you would like to hire a coach who can hep you achieve greater confidence and success, or be free to give engaging presentations or talks. Maybe your goal is to connect to more of a sense of purpose and be more fulfilled in your career path, or perhaps to have richer, more authentic relationships. And there is so much more that my clients dive into. There are so many ways that you can become free to experience the most out of your life.

And if you are here for coaching, I am a leading expert, and deeply passionate about  transformational leadership coaching.  If you are a leader your people and the world need you at your best. And you deserve to have the most fulfilling experience of your life and your role. You are here for a reason. Make it count in the most positive way.

Coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy London and Online.

Connect to your highest potential. Together we can challenge those beliefs, habits and patterns of behaviour that hold you back.  It really is possible for you to become free to live a richer life, full of possibility.

Dare to dream!

Kirsty Hanly Cognitive Hypnotherapy London

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Change is always possible and often much easier than you think.  Please take a look around this site and feel free to contact me for more information and to book. Just click here to email me via my contact form and we can go over how I can help. I offer Coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy London and elsewhere by arrangement. Also I work extensively online for those who are elsewhere in the world. Please note that you can also find me at 

I shall look forward to meeting you and to discovering how together we can create so much more personal freedom in your life.