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Would you like to change, but don’t know how? Is there something you would like to achieve, but seem to be stuck? Cognitive Hypnotherapy London may just be the answer.

I believe that everyone is exceptional and I enjoy helping to guide my clients towards their highest potential. The only limits are what you believe to be possible. Together we can challenge those beliefs and lead you towards a more rewarding life.

Have a think about it – how would you like to feel differently? What is it that would you like to let go of? What’s the goal that you would like to achieve that perhaps you haven’t even admitted to yourself yet?

Dare to dream!

I offer clients one-to-one Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching sessions from my clinic in Harley Street and Crouch End, London, or via Skype or telephone.

Some people choose to come for just a few sessions and you’d be amazed at what change is possible with this approach, however if you would like to work to a deeper more supported level we can discuss longer term coaching arrangements.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy in London for…

I help people with a wide range of problems and goals and chances are some of them will be similar to the things that you would like help with.

It often comes down to do you want more of something or less of something. Do you want more success in your work life or in a relationship, do you want to feel more confident in what you can achieve? Or perhaps you would like to let go of a lack of self-esteem, or fears or anxieties. Whatever it is, let’s discuss it further.

Why not have a look around my website, send me a message, or call me to find out more about how you specifically can be helped with Cognitive Hypnotherapy in London.

No 1. Harley Street is located close to Oxford Circus tube and is convenient for many people who work in Central London. My North London location is in Crouch End and close to Islington, Highgate, Muswell Hill and Finsbury Park and is easily accessible through road and tube, rail and bus links. If you live outside of London please feel free to contact me to discuss working via Skype or telephone.

Feel free to call me on 07768 418 359 or click here to email me via my contact form. We can arrange a free telephone consultation or you can come in for a free initial appointment where you can see how I work and discuss a coaching or treatment plan.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing in your journey.