Cognitive Hypnotherapy in London – You Can Now Take the First Step Towards Lasting Change

Kirsty Hanly Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Coach

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Harley Street Consulting Rooms

Coaching & Cognitive Hypnotherapy at No. 1 Harley Street

Life Coaching with Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Longer-term support for the life you want to create.

Happiness and Success Come From The Inside.

Would you like to change, but don’t know how. Is there something you would like to achieve, but seem to be stuck? Personal Development Coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy in London or if you are elsewhere, via Skype or telephone, may just be the answer.

I believe that everyone is exceptional and I enjoy helping to guide my clients towards their highest potential. The only limits are what you believe to be possible. Together we can challenge those beliefs and lead you towards a more rewarding life.

I believe in who you can be when you let go of the things that are holding you back and can experience a created life so much more fully than you might once have thought. As well as hypnotherapy I also coach up to 5 people per year. For more information on coaching with me feel free to pop on over to my Inspiring Lives Coaching website here.

Dare to dream!

Kirsty Hanly Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Coach - sitting beach

Have a think about it – how would you like to feel differently? What is it that would you like to let go of? How different would your life be if that thing you are currently living with were let go of and transformed?

I offer clients one-to-one Coaching & Cognitive Hypnotherapy in London from my clinic in Harley Street, or via Skype or telephone. Geography is not a barrier to us working together.

I have helped Social Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Actors, Opera Singers, Musicians, Television and Feature Film Directors, Mothers, Small Business Owners and probably people just like you to move forward in their lives to connect with their potential.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy in London for…

I work with my clients on their relationships, businesses and personal lives. Rather than go into lengthy detail here about how I can help I prefer to arrange a no fee initial telephone conversation where we can explore how things are for you. This will give you a direct experience of working with me to see the possibilities. This conversation will give us both the opportunity to explore if this way of working is right for you. I can then put together a package that will create the most impact for you in the simplest of ways.

To work with me is an investment in yourself and your life. Just click here to email me via my contact form and we can go over how I can help. I shall look forward to meeting you and to discovering how together we can create so much more magic in your life.


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